• A very practical little fruit
With its intense aroma, acidic juice and tasty zest, lemon enhances the flavor of the dishes it accompanies. However, it is much more than a simple condiment. Thanks to its miraculous properties, this small fruit can be useful on numerous occasions. It is in fact nicknamed "the golden fruit", which under its thick sunny yellow rind contains elements rich in benefits.
  • Lemon at home

Overflowing with active ingredients, lemon is multifunctional and can replace many useful products in everyday life. From time to time it plays the role of detergent, solvent, limescale remover, beauty product, medicine and help for the line, just to mention some of its many possible uses. Ecological and economical, it replaces those beauty and home cleaning products that are toxic to the environment.

  • Everything in lemon is good!

The lemon is made up of: zest, albedo, pulp - flesh - juice and essential oil.

- The rind or exocarp: the thick aromatic peel of the lemon, very fragrant because it is rich in essential oil, is used in the kitchen to flavor and decorate dishes, drinks and desserts. To do this, simply grate the zest. Lemon essential oil is also extracted from the peel, with its intense aroma and many therapeutic properties, essential for a good limoncello;

- The albedo: it is the thin white layer between the rind and the pulp which is usually bitter.

- The pulp - meat - juice: inside the lemon there are juicy and acidic segments, rich in vitamin C. Juice is extracted from the lemon pulp, used to flavour, cure and quench thirst. It also contains citric acid, an additive widely used to improve the flavor of foods or to preserve them.

- Lemon essential oil: it is a strong antiseptic, this oil fights parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses, disinfecting everything as it passes through, so it should be used with caution.



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