2. lemon essential oil

  • What is lemon essential oil?

Unlike other essential oils, extracted by distillation using water vapor, lemon oil is obtained by simply cold pressing the peel. Lemon essential oil is in fact contained in it. It takes approximately one kilo of lemons to obtain 10 ml of essential oil, i.e. one hundred kilos of lemons for one liter.

  • What it can be used for?

The active ingredients of lemon are found multiplied in its essential oil and this is why it is so interesting from a pharmacological point of view. Lemon essential oil has a preventive and curative action against all viral or bacterial infections. It is very effective for treating respiratory and winter diseases, cleaning the surrounding air and even flavoring a dish. It would be advisable to spread lemon essential oil in all public or highly frequented places, especially in schools, kindergartens and medical clinics, to avoid contagion, as well as in hospitals to limit the spread of nosocomial infections. You can then spread it in your home, kitchen and even in the office. Lemon essential oil is recommended for digestive disorders. A single drop on a sugar cube, to be dissolved in the mouth, eliminates nausea and allows you to digest a somewhat heavy meal.

  • How to use it?

Lemon essential oil can be used in air diffusion, as previously mentioned. For your health it is recommended to use top quality lemon essential oil, without exaggerating. One or two drops are enough, furthermore the vial will last a very long time, but the lemon essential oil keeps very well.

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