4. Lemon:King Of Vitamin C!

It was already known that citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, hence the habit of drinking orange juice in the morning. However, lemon holds the concentration record, with 52 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of fruit. Since the requirement for vitamin C is approximately 100 mg/day, two simple squeezed lemons ensure the daily quantity. However, do not hesitate to increase the doses if you smoke, if you are tired, stressed or if you do not consume fruit or vegetables at every meal. You definitely have a deficiency of this precious vitamin! Protected by the thick peel of the fruit and preserved by the acidic environment, vitamin C remains stable, even several weeks after harvesting the lemon. On the contrary, once the fruit is cut, the vitamin C evaporates visibly. It is therefore necessary to consume the lemon very quickly.

In addition to the vitality and tone it provides, vitamin C is essential for the correct functioning of the organism, because it contributes to a chain of vital processes. In this case, it strengthens the immune system for greater resistance to microbial and viral infections, while exerting great antiseptic power. This is why lemon is an elective remedy against winter diseases of any kind. Furthermore, vitamin C fights acidification of the body, accelerates healing, normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels, protects the lens and capillaries, affects the functioning of the thyroid and ovaries. Finally, it is a powerful antioxidant that allows you to fight against free radicals, thus counteracting the harmful effects of stress and delaying aging.

How many qualities, this vitamin C! And here the lemon, such a pretty little fruit, offers us plenty of it. Why deprive yourself of it?


  • Favazza Giuseppe

    Ci sono importanti studi che rivelano che la vitamina c in quantità elevate sia assunti giornalmente nell’organismo che a periodi intramuscolare evita formazioni tumorali 🤠 e in vitro dimostrano che delle cellule sottratti da cancro ♋ muoiono .
    Quindi vitamina c a volontà .

  • Mauro

    Buono l’articolo e ottimo il limone

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