11. Myrtle Liqueur

The Liqueur

Mirto Much more than a simple liqueur. Made in  Sardinia since ancient times and subsequently also in Campania, myrtle is a real institution in the gastronomic tradition of the splendid island region, so much so that since 1998 it has been recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies as Pat, Traditional Agri-food Product, thanks to the impulse of a producers association founded a few years earlier.

A simple recipe

Myrtle, in reality, is the name of the plant whose maceration of the berries produces a liqueur with an intense red color and an alcohol content of between 28 and 30 degrees. It is produced by adding only sugar or honey to berries macerated in alcohol and is preferably consumed cold. It represents an excellent end to a meal and in some Sardinian pastry shops it is even used in the preparation of typical desserts, such as gueffus, small morsels of almond paste dipped in granulated sugar and wrapped like candy in colored tissue paper.a.

The preparation of myrtle

For the home preparation of myrtle it is therefore necessary to obtain ripe berries of the plant of the same name, 95 ethyl alcohol, sugar and water. After having washed, dried and left the berries to dry for a few days, you need to place them in a container into which you pour the alcohol and let everything macerate first in the light and then in a dark environment, for up to about 40 days in total. Subsequently it is necessary to drain the berries well, pressing them slightly, and filter the liquid. After preparing a syrup by dissolving the sugar in water, you need to combine it with the cold berry extract and let everything rest in glass bottles according to your tastes.  

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