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11. Myrtle Liqueur

The Liqueur Mirto Much more than a simple liqueur. Made in  Sardinia since ancient times and subsequently also in Campania, myrtle is a real institution in the gastronomic tradition of the splendid island region, so much so that since 1998 it has been recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies as Pat, Traditional Agri-food Product, thanks to the impulse of a producers association founded a few years earlier. A simple recipe Myrtle, in reality, is the name of the plant whose maceration of the berries produces a liqueur with an intense red color and an alcohol content of between 28 and 30 degrees. It is produced by adding only sugar or honey to berries macerated in alcohol and is preferably...

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10. Myrtle, Authentic Mediterranean"Pepper".

The berries of this mythological shrub are not only used for the famous Sardinian liqueur, but also in numerous recipes: from porceddu to roasts, from olives to mozzarella. Rediscovering what its role was in our cuisine until the 16th century, before the advent of oriental spices Not just liqueur, not just Sardinia. Myrtle is certainly among the spices that deserve rediscovery in the kitchen. With its strong and rich flavor, it was one of the main condiments used in the times of Ancient Rome, before the arrival of pepper definitely put it in the background. Yet the virtues of the myrtle berry are truly many. Triumph and fall of the myrtle The arrival of pepper, a very expensive oriental spice...

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