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15. The Mandarinetto

Conclude the meal with a glass of limoncello it is a real pleasure, especially if shared with friends so why not surprise them with an equally fresh and fragrant alternative. Mandarin liqueur, or mandarinetto, is an excellent o digestive homemade made with the peels of these typical winter citrus fruits. In contrast to cream liqueur, does not require the addition of milk or cream and is therefore characterized by a higher alcohol content as well as a beautiful orange colour. After a few days of maceration and a short rest time in the pantry, the mandarin liqueur will be ready not only to be enjoyed in company, but also to flavor fruit salads, biscuits or cakes, perhaps prepared with the pulp of the...

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It is a winter citrus fruit, fruit of the Citrus nobilis nobili plant of the Rutaceae family. It is similar to orange, but smaller and sweeter. Mandarins are medium in size, globose and depressed at the poles, with thin skin that does not adhere to the pulp. Their orange pulp is made up of a large number of juicy and aromatic segments rich in seeds. The edible part is about 80% of the fruit.Thanks to the aroma of limonene, the mandarin peel is used to produce liqueurs, syrups and perfumes and essential oils. - Mandarin essential oil. The limonene contained in the essential oil helps to overcome depression and sadness, while the aldehydes purify the blood and promote bile secretion,...

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